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NET API in title

AggreGate .NET API The development toolkit for .NET
Size: 215 KB
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development toolkit API development toolkit .NET API  
WebTools .NET API A library for handling HTTP connections, basic HTML parsing and JSON
Size: 169 KB
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development Library implement parse HTML HTTP connection  
MetaWeblog API .NET Library MetaWeblog API .NET Library is a free tool that enables applications to create new blog posts, edit existing posts, etc.
Size: 818.21K
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Create import media object Blog post upload media  
Simple DNS Plus .NET API The API consists of two classes "sdnsNetAPI" and "zone". The sdnsNetAPI class contains all needed functions to interact with Simple DNS Plus. The zone class is just a definition fo
Size: 8.60 KB
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WebNMS SNMP API .NET WebNMS SNMP API .NET Edition is a comprehensive development toolkit for SNMP-based network management applications. WebNMS's SNMP stack comprises set of powerful .NET SNMP library to build real-time a
Size: 2.06 MB
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Network API SNMP SNMP query SNMP Trap Watcher SNMP Trap  
Simple DNS Plus API for .NET and COM It is a code library which greatly simplifies and streamlines programming.
Size: 662KB
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File Lock appl data entry speed simple loan agreement  

NET API in tags

IQFeed API Real-time market data via a TCP / IP API
Size: 5 KB
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tcp market data download .NET API Wrapper IQFeed .NET API  
NetMX The aim of this project is to port Java JMX API to .NET and (possibly) to develop reference implementation of this API.
Size: 128 KB
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Oracle API C++ API API Java API Network API Remote API  
Windows 7 Taskbar Extensions Managed .NET API on top of this unmanaged API
Size: 36 KB
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extension Oracle API C++ API API Network API Remote API  
Google Code Issue Tracker API for .Net Google Code Issue Tracker API for .Net is the .Net API for Google Code Issue Tracking service. This library is a fully open source and written in C#. This library is also Mono compliant, i.e. you can
Size: 1.36 MB
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C++ API API .NET library Google Voice API C# API  
CAD Import NET CAD Import .NET 6.3 CAD Import .NET is an easy-to-use API for reading AutoCAD DWG and DXF in C#, VB.NET, J# and Delphi .NET...
Size: 6 MB
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CAD net .net CAD-KAS FitNesse for Net  
DevPower Encryption .NET Source Code The Encryption.NET component lets you use the power of .NET cryptography API without getting into the complexities.
Size: 1000 KB
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NET API in description

IQFeed API IQFeed provides real-time market data via a TCP / IP API. They also provide a .NET wrapper for this API but it is based on ActiveX Interop and only works in a WinForms application. The Nextropia imple...
Size: 5 KB
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tcp market data download .NET API Wrapper IQFeed .NET API  
FlickrNet API Library The Flickr.NET API was designed to be a .Net Library for accessing the Flickr API. Written entirely in C# it can be accessed from with any .Net language in .Net Framework 1.1, .Net Framework 2.0, .Net...
Size: 516 KB
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Library API Flickr Net library API Library IQFeed .NET API  
Fluent Mail Creating libraries to send emails can be a tiresome task at times. While the .NET Framework provides a robust email API it lacks the "ready for sending professional emails" tag. Our [b]Fluent Mail[/b]...
Size: 34K
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Library Component .net .net component e-mail  
SyncML Client for MS Outlook This is a set of .NET components and programs for synchronizing between a local data store and a SyncML server like Funambol. It is not a port of existing sync client API coded in C++/Java, or .NET wr...
Size: 6.2M
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client contacts synchronize synchronization  
OpenCL .Net OpenCL .NET is a handy component designed to offer developers bindings to the OpenCL API that mirror the OpenCL 1.0 spec as closely as possible. It also provides a higher level abstraction of the API ...
Size: 1.5 MB
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development develop .NET library NET Development binding  
IronCow IronCow was designed to be a .NET API that wraps the Remember The Milk (RTM) web services in a way that will hopefully make it easy for you to develop applications that consume RTM data. IronCow has t...
Size: 231 KB
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Object Model API .net layer Remember The Milk Client